In the Sphere of Dream and Spell

Aaron Fung

When questing for the Holy Grail, the Arthurian knight began his journey alone, where the forest was thickest and darkest - where none had tread before; to tread in the path of another is dishonor: it is the knight's - the individual's - sacred duty to find his own way through the dark.

Most are afraid of the dark, the unknown fog that envelopes all that is unknown, mysterious and sublime. We fear the unknown - the depths.

The artist wanders the depths, the darkness where few dare to tread, for it is in the depths that insight is found.

This the artist's role: to tread where the forest is darkest.


  1. For someone who does not consider himself "particularly literary", your writing is wonderfully poetic.

    Well done!

    At risk of pre-judging, I reccomend to you the book "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, I reckon you would appreciate the style & content.

    Cheers, Zenobia Southcombe.

  2. Thanks for the comment and recommendation, Zenobia!

    Funny, although Wikipedia calls Gibran the 3rd most widely read poet in history (after Shakespeare and Lao Tzu), I had not heard of him or his work.


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